Kendrick Perkins Reacts Draymond Green’s Comments About Charles Barkley: ‘Man, Shut Up!’

kendrick perkins draymond green charles barkley

Golden State Warriors won without Draymond Green and Stephen Curry last night. However, the headlines were still about Draymond Green’s harsh remarks that calling Charles Barkley unqualified to talk basketball with him.

Kendrick Perkins – who’s a commentator for ESPN – reacted Draymond’s latest behavior on Hoop Streams show on YouTube. His full quote:

“Are you serious? And what table is he talking about Charles can’t sit down? Hey Draymond, hey man, shut up! You sound crazy man. Are you talking about great Charles Barkley? Career average 22 points, 11 rebounds, 11-time All-Star, MVP, gold medalist Charles Barkley? Are you serious? Arguably the greatest power forward to ever play the game… Man, shut up!”

Draymond Green and Charles Barkley back and forth was the biggest story of the week. They’re mutually not liking each other. The latest clap-back from Draymond made the feud even crazier. Barkley still didn’t say any word to these provocative comments towards him:

“Now Barkley should stop before I take his job though. Because I can do that well too. He already making enough money playing… so he needed that job. He should stop talking to me. He also can’t talk basketball with me either. Not smart enough, not qualified. No rings can’t sit at this table.”