Shaq Has Finally Spoken About The Passing Of Kobe Bryant

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Shaq is going through since his teammate, brother Kobe passed away. He says he hasn’t eaten or slept yet. Just the sound of his voice rips you to shreds.

Shaq’s daughter Mearah and Kobe’s daughter Gianna Maria were born on the same day. They were 6 minutes apart. The Lakers’ one-two had infamous disagreements and fights in the past but in reality, O’Neals and Bryants were a big family. Shaq’s kids called Kobe uncle, Kobe’s girls called Shaq the Uncle Shaq.

Shaq Has Finally Spoken About The Passing Of Kobe Bryant

After sharing emotional social media posts with the photos of him and Kobe together, Shaq has finally spoken about the passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in his podcast.

Host, ” We’re worried about you, want to make sure to we check-in and you’re doing well.”

Shaq, “I’m not doing well. I’m sick. I’m just getting over with the death of my sister. You guys told the other day when I came in, I look like I needed some rest. And I haven’t been sleeping since Ayesha’s death. Because of not just thinking about the good times but, the times that I could’ve done something, or I could’ve said something. I could’ve done something different. I could’ve loved more, or I could’ve shown more support.”

He continued, “The same thing hit when I found out this news. I was downstairs working out with Shaqir. And my other son Greg showed me the TMZ clip. And I yelled at Greg ‘get that sh*t out of my face!’ You know how internet hoax and all that. I didn’t wanna’ believe it. Then everybody is calling me, is that true? So I’m like ‘it must not be a hoax because the whole world knows the information.’ Please don’t be true, please don’t be true, then you watching the confirmation, and sad enough, then you see his daughter is with him.”

“I didn’t do anything. I haven’t eaten. I haven’t slept. I’m sick right now.”

Hang in there, Big Fella!

He sounds so depressed in the audio. It’s hard to hear Shaq speak like that. For someone that’s such a big kid, an eternal kid like him, just heartbreaking.

He continued, “He talked to Shareef yesterday morning. So all the stuff that was documented between us…it was never a dislike. It just… listen, this is what brothers do. I have a younger brother, we fight all the time but guess what? I love him. You know, I love Kobe Bryant. I got four rings and I know I couldn’t have gotten three without him.”

Here’s the link to the podcast. As sad as it sounds in the post, it’s more unbearable to hear Shaq’s voice.

It’s not even 48 hours since the horrific accident, and Kobe was a young man that died unexpectedly. No one is going to take it well. They both had so many moments shared together good and bad.