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Steve Kerr Tells a Funny Story on Toni Kukoc’s Pregame Meal

Some players grew up idolizing Michael Jordan. Some grew up idolizing Toni Kukoc. Bulls had scouted Europe for years, and the GM Jerry Krause came up with drafting Kukoc in the second round of the 1990 NBA draft. He was so good that he played one of the most crucial roles in Bulls second three-peat. In extra, he had some of the funniest stories in the team.

Nobody knew back in 1993 that Toni Kukoc had the most extraordinary pregame ritual ever. The Croatian Marvel, a three-time NBA champ, apparently ate a lot. One of the Open Court episodes back in 2013, Steve Kerr told his favorite Kukoc story. The panel was discussing what their pregame meal was, and Kerr dished it:

“But I’ll tell you a quick story about Toni Kukoc when he came over to the NBA. In the first game of the season, I asked him if he wanted to go grab a bite to eat. It’s about three o’clock in the afternoon, four hours before the game. He orders this feast: salad, appetizer, a huge plate of pasta, chicken, a glass of red wine, a dessert-like tiramisu, and then he follows it up with an espresso. And I’m just in awe.”

Surprised, Steve Kerr asked Toni if that’s for real or not: “I’m like, ‘Toni, this is your pregame meal!?” And Kukoc gave the best answer outside of his 13-year NBA career full of game-winners and clutch shots:

“In Europe, we eat a lot, we drink a little wine, we have espresso, we go back to the hotel, take big s***t and then we go play.”



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